Traditionally, internal accounting and finance departments have provided an organization with its necessary financial management. Increasingly, however, organizations recognize that outsourcing some or all of this responsibility is more efficient and, in many cases, results in better quality of service.

Ijaz & Associates offers a full range of accounting and financial management services including:

  • CFO services, including asset management, budgeting and board of directors consultation
  • General accounting services, including transaction processing and financial statement preparation
  • Special project services, including transaction due diligence, investment analysis and financial projections

Ijaz & Associates has developed specialty resources specifically designed to help organizations focus on their strengths and take advantage of ours. Our professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience in full-service internal accounting and financial management services; comprehensive internal audit services; and the identification and assessment of risks and controls related to information technology.

Ijaz & Associates has the capacity to handle many, if not all, of your accounting and financial management needs. We will evaluate the costs and benefits of outsourcing these needs for your organization. As part of that evaluation, we will analyze your current accounting and financial reporting operations and identify the potential for cost-effective outsourcing alternatives.